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Road freight

The process without which it is impossible to imagine the activities of enterprises related to the export and import of goods. The company "FortisCargo" provides services for the organization the delivering of various cargoes (groupage, dangerous, liquid, expensive, oversized) using road, rail, sea and aviation vehicles.

Many years of experience, qualified employees, well-established communication channels - all this guarantees that freight transportation of any complexity will be carried out by our company with the highest degree of responsibility and professionalism.

Types of road freight

All dry non-bulk cargoes fall into the category of standard goods; weight and volume should also not be extreme. The most common type of product packaging is pallets. The cargo is compactly distributed on the trailer and reliably fixed to eliminate the possibility of damage to the goods. If the cargo requires a special temperature condition, for example, food, then refrigerators are used, where the set temperature is maintained. If it is not necessary to maintain the temperature, then the simplest tilt trailer can be used.

Today, small-tonnage road transportations are in great demand. It’s connected with active development of small business. To carry out transportation by large trucks in this case is not only profitably, but also unprofitable. Therefore, many companies and firms choose exclusively small-tonnage freight.

Transportation by refrigerator is a type of cargo transportation in compliance with a certain temperature condition. This type of cargo transportation is carried out by a specially equipped vehicle, which is able to maintain a predetermined temperature condition(refrigerator).

The following groups of goods requires transportation in refrigerated containers:

• perishable food (meat, meat and dairy products, fish and derivative products, fruits, vegetables, confectionery, intermediate goods, ready-made food);
• fresh plants (flowers, trees);
• medications;
• decorative cosmetics;
• chemical substances.

The temperature condition in the particular type of refrigerator depends on two factors: the type of cargo and the necessary conditions for delivery without damage.

We carry out cargo delivery in cooling, heating or deep freezing mode, preliminary agreeing with the customer the necessary temperature condition.

Our company is ready to provide a full range of transport services in the field of refrigerated transportation.

Dangerous goods are substances, materials, products, waste from industrial and other activities that during transportation can cause an explosion, fire, damage to technical equipment, communications, cause material damage and harm to people, the environment, and also lead to death, injuries poisoning people, animals. That is why the rules of international transport provide for certain standards for the transport of dangerous and especially dangerous goods.

Our experts will provide a range of services, including the development of a transportation route, the preparation of the necessary package of documents and transportation in compliance with the Rules for the transportation of dangerous goods by road of the Republic of Belarus and the safety standards of the ADR Convention. We work only with rolling stock equipped for the transportation of dangerous goods, and drivers have special training.

Oversized or heavy cargo is a cargo whose weight and volume exceeds the maximum permissible and established parameters in those countries through whose territory the cargo is transported.

Our service package:

• development of the route and delivery conditions for oversized, heavy and non-standard cargo;
• consultation, assistance in choosing the best delivery method;
• project logistics;
• system for tracking the moving of cargo, informing about the exact location of the cargo at any of the transportation areas;
• cargo insurance.

Oversized and heavy cargo transportation is the most complex type of transportation, requiring special equipment and knowledge.

For the delivery of small consignments, specialists of FortisCargo offer their customers the opportunity to save money using the system of groupage transportation in the international format. This delivery option allows you to transport several consignments of goods intended for different recipients by only one vehicle. Moreover, transportation is possible both through a consolidation warehouse in Poland or Lithuania, and direct trucks. The client pays only the place that his cargo takes.

Maximum reliability, quality and experience allow us to optimize the delivery of groupage cargoes of our customers and realize for them the principle of work “Quality plus efficiency”.