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International road transportation of goods is the most affordable way to deliver goods from one point to another. High speed, operational monitoring of freight traffic and flexibility regarding routes and schedules of traffic. The FortisCargo company will deliver the goods to any place as soon as possible, and our partners will help to provide the necessary service. Our experts will undertake the execution of an order that requires research and determine the optimal transportation route, as well as issue all the necessary documents. We are directed to long-term cooperation and will ensure the safety of the goods, the flexibility of services and the reliability of the transaction.


Cargo insurance is widely used in international transportation and it applies to the voluntary form. The main goal is the guarantee for the shipper of compensation for possible losses, simplification of reimbursement procedures, because otherwise it may take a lot of time and significant legal fees.
The cargo should be insured if: it is expensive and (or) light, and therefore the carrier’s liability limits established by international conventions for the safety of the cargo are significantly less than its value; insurance is required in accordance with the term Incoterms specified in the sales contract (CIP or CIF); additional property protection is required, including in case the goods are damaged through no fault of the carrier (accident, etc.).


Project logistics is a comprehensive service for a specific investment project, which includes all methods of delivery of goods, consulting, development of a transport concept and related services. Project logistics is built on a clear time frame and sequence. Thanks to project transportation, it becomes possible to build airports, factories, reactors and other large industrial enterprises.
The conditions for project transportation differ from regular, seasonal and oversized transportation: equipment, structures and materials are supplied for the construction and modernization of industrial facilities; each ongoing project has a strict time frame; a clear supply volume, which is specified in the contract for the supply or construction. The project is considered completed only after the entire volume specified in the contract has been removed.


The most common type of sea freight of goods is considered to be container transportation, which makes it possible to carry cargo at low cost over long distances. Each sea freight is a multi-stage mechanism for the work of professionals. Our experts will assist in the preparation and receipt of all necessary transport documents, offer optimal conditions for the transportation of goods. Thanks to the constant monitoring of the maritime services market, we are ready to offer you the best rates.

Железнодорожные перевозки


The main advantage of choosing a railway as a type of transport is the ability to transport large volumes of goods over considerable distances, low cost and a well-developed railway network. Rail freight is a reliable and proven way to transport goods in various directions. If you need operational delivery of a large quantity of goods or bulk cargo, then this variant is the best for these purposes. We will help you choose the most effective and cost-effective solution and realize your goals.


The company "FortisCargo" offers quality service, performing international air transportation of goods.
Air freight is one of the fastest ways to deliver goods. Almost any kind of cargo is suitable for transportation by air. Delivery of cargo is carried out by regular passenger, cargo or charter flights. Air freight is an indispensable variant if you need to deliver cargo over long distances in the shortest time to any corner of the planet.

Мультимодальные грузоперевозки


The company FortisCargo provides multimodal transportation services - this type of cargo transportation involves the using of various types of transport: road, air, sea, rail freight and any their combinations.
Choosing this type of cargo transportation, you know that our company assumes responsibility for the delivery of goods from the doors of your office or warehouse to the doors of your partners, which are located on another continent. Thanks to such cooperation, goods are delivered quickly and cheaply.
FortisCargo will plan the route that is optimal from the customer’s point of view, minimizing transportation costs.


We are interested in long-term cooperation and will ensure you the safety of the goods, the flexibility of services and the reliability of the transaction.